Benjamin Hubert x casamania FLOAT + maritime

The Maritime chair Inspired by traditional wooden shipbuilding techniques maritime is a solid wood range of chairs that are skinned internally with a formed plywood shell.The construction technique where the supports are visible on the outside allows for a distinctive design language that is in harmony with the material and production. The ribs allow for a structurally robust chair with minimum use of material. Maritime is comprised from solid and laminate ash and offered as an upholstered option. To enhance the construction details the range is also offered in translucent dyed colourways… the end result a very handsome chair.

the maritime chair

maritime chair dyed

The Float lamp – below Hand turned Portuguese agglomerate cork lamps from Benjamin Hubert bring a warming element to any environment, the lamps are created by the finest craftsman for stockists visit benjaminhubert

float cork lamp by Benjarmin Hubert

turning a float cork lamp by Benjarmin Hubert

float cork lamp cluster by Benjarmin Hubert


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