meeting Greg Natale celebarting 10 years + a first look @ Samodol Apartment

Greg Natale

Interview with Greg Natale 

One of Australia’s most esteemed designers is celebrating his 10th year anniversary driving Greg Natale design and he gives us a little insight into the man behind the creative studio and a first look at his latest project Samodol Apartment.

What is your name?
Greg Natale

What is your nationality?

At what age did you start out in your business?
At age 27

How many years has your studio/practice been in business?
10 years

In a word or a phrase define yourself…

What inspires you?

What motivates you?

Is it easy being a man in the design business or do you feel it would be easier being a woman?
I don’t think it matters, its all about talent, good business skills and PR PR

What has been your proudest career moment?
Winning 2011 Belle Coco Republic Interior Designer of the Year

What are the advantages and disadvantages being an interior designer in Australia?
Our amazing weather and light. We are so far away from Europe so clients have to wait 4 months for imported furniture!

What makes Greg Natale different from other design studios?
Our use of colour and decoration integrated with design.

How often do you develop your style?
In every project, its always developing and evolving.

How long is the design process from start to finish?
It depends on how long we have but usually takes 3 months for a house.

What is your favorite project to date and why?
My latest project, Samodol Apartment because it’s new!! And never been seen. (Samodol Apartment featured below)

They say behind every great man there is a great woman….. So who is behind you?
My mother!

If you could give one message to small and boutique business in Australia, what would it be?
Understand the business side from day one, do a business course, be business savvy. If you want to succeed you need to be an all rounder.

To see more of Greg’s work visit Greg Natale

Samodol Apartment by Greg Natale

Samodol Apartment by Greg Natale

Samodol Apartment by Greg Natale


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