Jurlique. 25 years. The farm House. sustainability principles. New design direction.Rebecca Vulic

Based in New York Rebecca Vulic Jurliques’ International Global Retail Design Director shares with us an insight into how the store design and brand identity of Australian success story Jurlique continues to evolve and connect with it’s growing global customers.
Located in a high profile location, with entrances from both the high street and the shopping mall, the new Jurlique Xintiandi site commands attention. The shop front is activated by ever-changing visual window displays, a dramatic pendant light and luxurious banquette lounge that lines the window. Here customers are able to indulge in the natural benefits of the Jurlique skincare range, the new store design provides an organic environment with thoughtfully selected finishes and store design allowing the Jurlique customer to explore, play and inquire.

Jurlique Wintergarden

Jurlique Xintiandi

Iconic skin care company Jurlique has been in business for 25 years and has evolved dramatically.  It started off as an organic skin care brand yet the retail design was blue and gold and represented no reference to the earth.  Following a re-brand 5 years ago, the farm story was celebrated by creating retail environments that looked like farm houses which Jurlique is once again evolving by pulling it back to strike a balance that communicates skin care, science, innovation as well as the farm story.
The farm story draws on inspiration from the farm where the ingredients are grown. This comes through heavily in the retail design via materiality including recycled timbers, hot rolled metal and  through old fashioned found objects such as barrels and picks. The retail design itself was influenced by the structures on the farm picking up cues in the retail space of recycled timber joists, concrete flooring horse-leg detailing on benches and rusted wall lamps. Whilst these retail design elements were appealing, they did not communicate Jurliques science and innovation offering.

The farm house story Jurlique

The new retail design direction focuses on delivering this message through materiality as well as new fixture redesign and improved navigational signage. These elements are delivered in a more feminine approach that appeals to the Asian consumer, which is an area where the brand is rapidly expanding. The new fixture design is more organic in shape, more metals, mirror, more consultation areas that cater for different customer types. With recycled Australian messmate becoming difficult to source and as Jurlique expand rapidly through global channels they aim to match when unavailable however it has been a challenging process as it must be recycled.Other challenges include educating fabricators in Asia about sustainability is an ongoing process that is integral to Jurliques’ brand, however they remain very strict on their sustainability principles.

Jurlique day-spa

Rebecca believes it is important that the look and feel always remains consistent with their identity by keeping the brand fresh by continually talking to their customers and staff. These are the people that are in the environments daily. Jurlique conduct regular research in all regions and make a point of spending time in store to understand the challenges. This response is then executed through design that is constantly evolving to suit the customer’s needs and improve the in-store experience.

Day Spa by Jurlique




  1. Wonderful design.

  2. You are amazing Bec xx

  3. Great to see how the Mark Landini original design is still very much the guiding source. Congrats on keeping true to this. Fred


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