kids under cover with Carr Design & De Carolis + Fridcorp & Luxe Property + Cedar Woods Properites + Porter Davis Homes + Little Green Room .

The 2014 Kids Under Cover Cubby House Challenge is to be held at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show from March 26-30. Kids Under Cover takes an early-intervention approach to preventing youth homelessness. They are the only organisation in Australia offering a unique combination of housing, scholarships and mentors for homeless and at-risk young people.

The Cubby House Challenge brings together members of the building industry to design, build and decorate highly creative and unique children’s cubby houses for public viewing and subsequent raffle and auction with proceeds going to this wonderful foundation. Check out some of the renders of what will be for sale at the Melbourne Flower show next month. FYI Actual cubby houses not renders will be for sale!

The Hatch' by Porter Davis Homes

The Hatch’ by Porter Davis Homes

Above – ‘The Hatch’ was specifically designed as a monolithic sculptural piece to be part of the surrounding landscape in any backyard. With angled walls, the cubby demonstrates visual stability that gives it a more natural form. Inside, there is a bench to play games and draw on, a comfy seat in the corner to chill out and relax on, or sit back and read, but the best part- ‘The Hatch’ has its very own colourful ball pit. The perfect place to hide from parents!

'Switch' by Sabi Designs and Harris HMC

‘Switch’ by Sabi Designs and Harris HMC

Above – The true essence of any cubby house is to offer a place to nurture creative play. Switch was designed to allow all kids to ‘switch on’ their imagination using tools within the cubby designed to foster curiosity through interaction. Growing their own garden, watering the plants, designing their own wall art, building LEGO creations and dreaming of filling the shoes of their favourite sporting legends – they are the master creators of their own little world

Cloud Climb by Fridcorp & Luxe Property

Cloud Climb by Fridcorp & Luxe Property

Above – ‘Cloud Climb’ is a modern, architecturally designed cubby house with a brilliant touch of colour throughout which helps add to the wonderfully kid friendly environment that feels homely and fun. Internal fit-out includes:  kitchen and island bench, blackboard walls, internal stair case to first floor loft, upper level viewing windows and operable roof and suspended hammock floor, which are all designed to create additional space and comfort. ‘Cloud Climb’ is made up of high-quality, excess materials from Fridcorp’s ‘Avenue’ apartments, which are currently under construction.

The Grubby by dKO & Cedar Woods Properties

The Grubby by dKO & Cedar Woods Properties

Above – ‘The Grubby’ cubby house is a personal sanctuary, it’s a house in the woods, it’s a tool box, it’s a building space, it’s whatever it needs to be… With a unique design based on children’s building blocks, kids are encouraged to immerse themselves in a world that they will build themselves, with the aid of items such as an interactive pegboard wall, climbing net, dress-ups, chalkboards and similarly creative activities. Child-friendly materials such as ply wood and timber pegs have been utilised in the build of the cubby house, complementing the natural, Nordic theme seen throughout. ‘The Grubby’ will no doubt be a welcome addition into any backyard, but be prepared for many curious little visitors.

Caravan Me Happy by Little Green Room

Caravan Me Happy by Little Green Room

Above – ‘Caravan Me Happy’ is inspired by childhood summer holidays, when the days were long and time seemed to stand still. It uses only sustainable products because Little Green Room want the planet to be happy and healthy when the children of the world grow up! The design is for children of all ages, even grown ones.

'King of the Castle' by Carr Architecture & De Carolis

‘King of the Castle’ by Carr Architecture & De Carolis

Above – ‘King of the Castle’ is a reference to the dreams of young kids to be King’s of their own castle on the playground! A form that takes inspiration from a child’s drawing of a castle, the fluted tower top is reflective of tower embattlements, quite literally referencing a castle. It features a fireman’s pole and porthole windows.

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