Melbourne’s street art and Lifeline Australia

Yesterday was 13th November, 2014 (13 11 14) – this is also the same number of Lifeline Australia’s Crisis Support Line: 13 11 14. To recognise the unique date, Lifeline has commissioned artist Darren Henderson to develop a street mural in Melbourne’s iconic Gertrude Street. The mural pays tribute to the vital work of Lifeline volunteers and will encourage those feeling vulnerable to reach out.
Every day over 2,000 calls are made to Lifeline. Darren’s mural, completed yesterday took a little over 2days to finish – that means more than 4,000 calls will be received during its creation.

To support the day, we would love if you could share this to your social media channels.

Lifeline expects that almost one million Australians will call 13 11 14 in the next financial year, reinforcing the need for ongoing support for the organisation.
Today Lifeline are asking people to donate to Lifeline

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