Tasmanian Bruny Island

Bruny Island sits across the narrow D’entrecasteaux Channel which separates it from the Tasmanian mainland. Accessible only by boat, Bruny is a remote and beautiful landscape. The island is a traditional holiday destination for Hobartions and is increasingly becoming an international destination for more discerning cool climate connoisseurs.  Room11 Architects clients, a professional couple, approached them after purchasing the land with a view to building a permanent residence. The clients were intently aware of the need for the architecture to orient for light and view, but also provide protection from offshore winds and glare from the expansive water.

These two factors led to a dialogue about security and belonging. Tasmania is notable, in geological terms, for its Dolerite stone, which is around 180 million years old. The clients are a family including two geologists and therefore stonework fitted well with the architectural inclinations.

The resulting high stone walled outer skin, and a light, taut, timber interior, contain the traditional functions of a home.  These contrasting built elements satisfy both the physical and psychological need that the location demands of the architecture.

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