Woodland House

Sited on a wooded plateau overlooking a wetland and lake beyond, this new residence seeks to quietly integrate into the surroundings while capturing dramatic views and optimizing natural light.  Organized as a single-level home, the “realms” of the dwelling are defined by three wood clad wings that are connected by glass entry links.  The placement of the wings of the house creates an arrival courtyard complemented by a free-standing “mystery object”.

Designed by ALTUS Architecture + Design, the exterior composition of the house is dark-stained cedar wood and glass with stone base and fireplace of bluestone. The finish of the wood siding is intended to blend in with the surrounding colour of the bark of the trees on the site while the detached out-building, or “shiny shed”, for storage is intended to be a counterpoint to the house that dissolves into the woods by fragmented reflections of the surroundings.

The interior of the home is designed for a couple with a preference for a warm, clean and uncluttered living space. Comprised of walnut flooring, exposed wood beams and unassuming white walls and volumes embedded within the grid of structure and fenestration, the interior is hushed while maintaining a consistent connection to its dynamic surroundings.

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