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Raft Loft combines two single-storey apartments on the ground and first floor of an industrial building in the Lower Manhattan neighbourhood. Dash Marshall renovated, reconfigured and merged the two existing residences to create one big home for a growing family.

A hole in the upper floor makes way for the new staircase, which connects a living area, small kitchen and dining room on the lower level with the main kitchen and dining room, and two bedrooms on the storey above.

Dash Marshall inserted a new staircase to connect the two spaces with a series of intermediate levels as a prominent element of the project, the staircase comprises a mix of materials and two distinct elements. Brickwork forms the lower half, with its sides painted white to match the finish of the residence’s existing walls. The steps are distinguished by pink paint and accompanied by a brass handrail.

The other main intervention is a raised wooden platform, built in the middle ground floor to break the long and thin plan into three distinct areas. A living area is placed on one side of the platform at the front of the residence, where two large windows bring in plenty of natural light. Deep and dark wooden frames create nooks for reading.

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