radical modernism

Housed in a historic building in Linz, Austria, Rossbarth is a new restaurant by two young chefs, Sebastian Rossbach and Marco Barth whose core mission in the kitchen is to combine familiarity with novelty. Inspired by the chefs’ culinary philosophy, Austrian interior design studio destilat has created a space of monastic simplicity and modernist minimalism that feels both timeless and contemporary.

The humble ethos of the culinary offerings is masterfully reflected in destilat’s interior design that aims to restore the original character of the landmarked building while sparsely furnishing the space through an aesthetic of radical modernism and subtle playfulness. The designers summarize this approach as a quest “for innovations that appear familiar”.

By removing the false ceiling that the previous occupant had installed, a vaulted roof has been revealed that harks back to the centuries-old masonry structure, while the original walls and flooring have been meticulously restored whenever possible. The décor has been kept to a minimum with concealed lighting enhancing the ascetic architecture and pendant lights with phantom lampshades injecting an austere playfulness, while Scandinavian designer armchairs invoke a restrained sophistication. Totally loving this space !

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