Chromatic Spaces

Using vibrant colour schemes and geometric patterns, Stuttgart practice Ippolito Fleitz Group has developed ‘Chromatic Spaces’, a 250 square meter apartment characterised by a bold use of colour and materials.

Upon entering the apartment, vertical slats, reminiscent of traditional Chinese folding-screens, filter the view of the dining area and Shanghai skyline background. Instantly, the loft-like atmosphere and breath-taking views heighten all sensors. As the apartment’s kitchen area is fully glazed trapping all unpleasant cooking odors yet still allows a visual connection across all public zones.

Throughout the apartment, pillars embrace shelves and artwork defining the various living zones. Plush carpets, classic premium furniture and eye-catching built-ins provide additional zoning. Curved elements, found throughout the entire apartment, lend a sense of comfort and coziness to the loft-like layout. The harmonic interplay of colors and contours conveys a perfect balance of generosity and privacy.

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