limited space

Designing a studio apartment where the limited space demands ingenuity, astuteness and precision and when every single aspect of the design has to thoughtfully considered both in its each own right and against the overall scheme in order to balance the demands of functionality, comfort and elegance. Kiev-based interior designer Lera Brumina whose work includes plenty of small apartments of which this 40 square meter bachelor pad in Minsk, Belarus, stands out with its crisp minimalism and subtle sophistication.

The brief asked for a comfortable place for a young man to live and work, including a fully functioning kitchen and a dining area, all condensed into a single space. Brumina addressed these requirements through a minimalist design of neat geometric compositions and subtle play on colour.

Against this neutral palette, the designer has added several coloured accents that both enliven and complement the space, such as the red oriental carpet hanging on the wall and the Slit pink coffee table. The lounge is completed by the light grey Oslo two-seater sofa whose sleek geometry gives it a sexy sculptural sensibility.

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