Dux Richmond Hill

With over 20 years’ experience at the forefront of Australian design, Miriam Fanning has given nuance and life to more than 150 projects. The span of her practice’s work is breathtakingly unique, creating spaces that are ultimately sophisticated, and unmistakably MIM Design.

With the completion of Little Projects’ development Dux Richmond Hill, I caught up with Miriam Fanning, Rothe Lowman and Paul Little for a sumptuous breakfast at the pool deck as they shared their vision for the sold out Dux Richmond Hill.

So, how did MIM design go about responding to the Dux Richmond Hill site? It’s an interesting site for me, says Mim. When I was a child I used to go shopping along Bridge Road with my mum. I still remember seeing the old pram factory that was on the site where Dux Richmond Hill is now. I can recall it so clearly!

Bridge Road was vital to retail in those days. It was all art deco and brick warehouses, so a noteworthy part of our response was to remember Richmond Hill as it was. To reimagine the grit and glamour of the past, then use design as the vehicle to bring that personality into the future.

How have you drawn on the art deco heritage of the original building to complement Rothelowman’s architecture? All throughout the interior are subtle motifs that complement Rothelowman’s work to evoke the original building. Blackened steel speaks to the pram frames which were crafted in the old factory. Concrete renders ascribe to Richmond’s warehouses where creatives and artisans have worked for generations. The bathroom sinks were custom made to mirror the shape and form of a pram, while in the kitchen the range-hoods have soft, curved edges that pick up on the moulding of the art deco façade on Bridge Road. Dux Richmond Hill is subtle. It’s not ‘on trend,’ and that is deliberate. It’s meaningful. It’s designed to stand the test of time.

It was refreshing listening Paul Little, of Little Projects, share his passion to produce quality developments that appeals to a wide demographic, which is a major reason behind the success of 175 apartments selling out in days.

Richard Misso & Miriam Fanning

Paul Little

Miriam Fanning & Rothelowman

Building and apartment photography: Peter Clarke, Event photography: Image Play
Interior Design: Mim Design, Architecture: Rothelowman, Apartment styling Zuster, Apartment furnishings Zuster, Outdoor styling Cosh Living, Outdoor furnishings Cosh LivingFloral Victoria Whitelaw, Artworks  Kerry Armstrong

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