Chandon Yarra Valley

Inspired by the transformation of grapes into sparkling wine, Foolscap Studio have chosen an eclectic palette of natural materials such as metal, marble, leather and wood, which they have subjected to various treatments that reflect the passage of time and the exertion of fine craftsmanship for Australia’s , Domaine Chandon , established by eminent champagne house Moët & Chandon, in Australia’s Yarra Valley.

Working with an existing 1980s industrial structure, a voluminous composition of barrel vaults, the brief was to create an immersive brand experience across the winery’s bar, dining, wine-tasting and retail areas, which Foolscap Studio have accomplished through the combination of a Parisian bistro aesthetic that channels Chandon’s French heritage.

Metal is present throughout the spaces in a variety of textures and finishes; from the finely perforated stands in the retail area to the irregularly punctured screens in the wine tasting bar, and from slim, curved joinery of decorative displays to delicately woven mesh sheets that playfully tiptoe between opaqueness and transparency. Located amidst lush vineyards that stretch as far as the eye can see, the winery’s scenic setting is elegantly complemented by its refined interiors.

Photo by Tom Blachford

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