sense of luxury

Onion started designing 138-room Sala Samui Chaweng Beach Resort 5 years ago. In January 2018, the first phase – 52-room beachfront was opened for guests. Every room has a private swimming pool and beach views. There are 2-Bedroom Presidential Pool Villa next to the beach, framed the view by the old Banyan Trees, 4-Pool Villas and the rest of the guest rooms are in the 3-storey building. Each room is different, on the first floor, Garden Pool Suites have the swimming pool at the rear. On the second and the third floors, Balcony Pool Suites have private swimming pool rooms on the balconies overlooking the central beachfront courtyard. The third floor the 1-Bedroom Pool Suites are facing the ocean. Yes, that’s right, pools on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors!

From the largest exterior courtyard to the smallest interior space of every room has an ocean view. “This is how we perceive the sense of luxury”, says Onion. “Luxury is not about what we build; rather, it is about the space that we decided not to build”. Onion works with local materials and everyday life objects. What makes the ordinary things appeared special are the modes of arrangement and the inventions of new forms.

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