set in stone – Melbourne

Located in Armadale, Melbourne, Australia, this monolithic-looking residence by local practice b.e architecture appears as if it has been carved rather than built. Comprising 260 tons of light grey granite this structure could easily be at home in Brazil with its cantilevered 1st floor and design language. Piercing the house’s granite armour, large timber shutters create a subtle juxtaposition, between the smooth wooden surfaces and the rough granite facades.

The blueprint of playful contradictions has been also applied to the building’s interiors that combine a minimalist aesthetic of stone floors, white walls and trim less fittings with a whimsical selection of furniture that range from modernist classics to vintage pieces and bespoke designs that playfully reflect the clients’ personalities.

The eclectic selection of furniture is complemented by a series of art works selected by the architects, including pieces by artists David Noonan, Mark Hilton, Heather B. Swann and Imants Tillers, which have been strategically placed throughout the house.

Photos by Derek Swalwell

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