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Formacy is a small Melbourne based Product Design Bureau headed up by Manuel Canestrini whom is is an architect by trade and industrial designer by heart. He is constantly striving to marry practicability and innovation with beauty and aesthetics in the objects he creates. For him design means the creation of something new and exciting, something useful that also pleases the eye with all products designed and made in Melbourne.

Art Deco lines merge with industrial and vintage components to deliver a contemporary and minimalist feel. Two folded powder coated aluminium sides are connected to a central lamp holder plate, the hashtag. Brass components and a woven golden cotton accentuate the simple yet sleek form. The Lights work as a pair or simply by themselves.

Formacy Hastag Beige and Green

Formacy Hastag Tall Black

Formacy Hastag Nude

Formacy Hastag lamp

Trampoline makes your fruit jump with joy! Inspired by circus artistics the trampoline fruit bowl hugs your fruit in an elastic mesh avoiding pressure marks and leaving it to breath to keep it fresh for longer. It consists of a powder coated steel pedestal with an elastic mesh attached to it.

Formacy Trampoline

Formacy Trampoline

Formacy Trampoline

Manuel Canestrini

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