chromatic sensations

Italian painter and installation artist Alberonero has created an artwork titled ‘86+73’, that visually transforms a large white architectural space as a part of Sicily’s Periferica Festival.
Located in Mazara del Vallo, in the southernmost part of Sicily, Italy, Alberonero’s two-dimensional work layers multicolored squares that progress across multiple levels of space; along walls, up roofs and across floors. ‘86+73’ accordingly borders on being three-dimensional, as the geometric shapes stand in stark contrast to the angles of the museum space’s all-white facade. Alberonero’s signature look of colored squares reminds the viewer of the affecting, energetic influence that chromatic interactions can have. Speaking of this intention, the artist explains in his biography: “I want to continue the research about the relation between man and landscape, spaces, buildings, [and] nature, reducing them to chromatic sensations.”

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