setting the tone – Melbourne

The downstairs living space in the Hornsby Residence, Melbourne is divided into two main zones: a formal sitting room in the front of the house, and a more informal dining are at the rear of the building. Designed by Conrad Architects, the change in natural light through the course of the day was utilised to set the tone for the two living spaces, with varying ceiling heights, floor levels, lighting installation and interior detailing lend each of two zones a different feel.
The formal living room is primarily used late in the day and evening and so is located on the western side of the house to ensure maximum late afternoon sunlight.
The formality of the room is emphasised with a classical plan: the fireplace, furniture arrangement, external doors, and the trees in the adjacent courtyard all sit on a central symmetrical axis
The informal living room is used earlier in the day and is positioned on the northern side of the house to receive sunlight throughout the morning and midday.
The floor was lifted by two steps to compress the ceiling height and create a contrast with the formal spaces create spatial separation from the dining area.
The furniture is also more casual to complement the mood. Overall the material palette is pared-back conveying a sense of calm and emphasise a minimalist expression.

Photography – Derek Swalwell

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