universe of serenity – Paris

Underpinned by a boldly minimalist sensibility, the designer’s monochromatic approach, far from producing a uniform environment, Paris and London-based French designer Guillaume Alan created a lyrical interplay of light, depth and textures, “giving birth”, as the designer says, “to a universe of serenity, calmness, and emotion”.
Blessed with expansive views of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, the apartment’s exclusive use of one tone, which the designer calls “craie” or chalk in English, creates a bleached interior that both enhances the city vistas by turning the windows into painterly canvases, and promotes an illusion of space. The monochromatic, pared-down décor allows the eclectic textures that Alan has assembled to come into sharp relief. Just like the human eye adapts to low illumination levels by differentiating between shapes, the colourless environment sharpens textural perception. Light gray brushed-oak floors, natural marbles, brushed-ash wood, raw linens, soft leathers, silks, and wools comprise a masterfully crafted, harmonious composition that envelopes the occupants in serenity.

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