hypnotic family home

In a departure from the conventional a 5-person family was moving from a suburban house to an old town apartment. The family who believe that home is inhabited by people, stories and experiences, and not by things. Thus, their key objective was to live in a ‘minimalist’ fashion – in terms of style as well as in terms of the amount of material things.
The brief to studio Hito were 4 separate bedrooms, a spacious common living area and unfinished concrete walls and ceilings
The key task for Hito was to design a fully functional plan and to preserve as well as to emphasise the existing advantages of the space where people are playing the central role.
The structure of the plan is dominated by symmetry and neatness. The spaces surround the stairwell as if turning life in a circle. Located in Lithuania, the 150-square-metre apartment has three children’s rooms, one bedroom, one combined kitchen and living room, 2 bathrooms, and a closet. The central idea of the modern interior was to preserve purity and to leave as many of the existing engineering solutions as possible replacing and/or covering only the essential planes.
The apartment is dominated by subtle monochromatic colours and as much natural materials as possible, such as metal, wool, wood, and concrete. There is a lot of black in the interior which creates an impression of depth, acts as a leveller, and absorbs certain details. It ‘cuts’ the grey space into different zones. The entire apartment has a unique feel which is atmospheric and hypnotic.

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