the passage of time

Kiev-based architecture studio, who were commissioned by a young single professional to refurbish a maisonette in a listed building in Kiev, required an astutely tuned balance between old and new, authenticity and originality, beautifully highlighting the passage of time through a minimalist aesthetic of ‘less is definitely more’.

When working with historic buildings like in this case,’s objective is to use the original building fabric as a canvas upon which new shapes and textures can be introduced. It was therefore very important to preserve and restore as many of the building’s authentic features as possible, including the original brickwork hiding behind layers upon layers of plaster, the old timber ceiling joists, and the sloped walls in the attic.

The highly detailed restoration process involved refurbishing the timber joists with lacquer, the handpicked replacement of damaged or missing  bricks of the same age and the meticulous refurbishment of the ornate fireplace whose decorative bas-reliefs stand out amidst the minimalist aesthetic of the renovated interiors.

Eschewing the use of colour altogether, a muted palette of black, white and grey was chosen for all of the architectural interventions in order to harmoniously blend with the restored building fabric. For the lower level, which contains a living room and an open-plan kitchen-cum-dining area, white wall panelling unites and brightens up the two spaces without completely obstructing the original brickwork. 

The minimalist décor of muted tones and clean lines belies the complexity of the architectural interventions such as the in-built window blinds hidden in the panelled walls in the attic, the staircase assembly, and the soundproofing of the guest bathroom between the living and dining areas. And it is this close attention to detail that ultimately makes this apartment not just a marvel to look at but also a comfortable space to live in.

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