Park city house

Located in a mountain setting with views of Park city and the Utah Winter Olympic Park, the design approach sought to embed the home into its site; stepping with the topography from the public areas of the program, the entry and the great room, to the most private zone, the master suite. Designed by Sparano + Mooney Architecture, the house celebrates Utah’s brilliant light and raw beauty as nature provided the architectural order. Outdoor living spaces are integrated off the master suite and living room and a rooftop deck that overlooks a nearby golf course.
Exterior materials are both rough and refined: a highly textured board-formed concrete wall is capped with smooth wood panels and glazed surfaces above. These materials reference the highly textured scrub oak prevalent at the site under an expansive western sky. The vegetated rooftop incorporates native plant materials and will mirror the surrounding landscape each season: from the snow in winter to green in the spring to muted brown and yellow tones of late summer.

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