The Rock House – Kuwait

The Rock House is located in a corner lot in the residential district of Al-Salem, Kuwait. The project  was developed with a double condition imposed by the clients: giving complete privacy to its users; and become an iconic element in the neighbourhood. The building is a folded structure of reinforced concrete as an origami which is in stark contrast to its neighbouring buildings. Designed by AGI Architects the house revolves on itself continuously to create a central courtyard on which all the spaces of the house revert. The few openings to the street are always biased, preventing the view of the neighbours and excessive sunlight in the rooms.
With relatively small dimensions spaces for local standards, the aim was to give the greatest space flexibility by introducing multiple circulations that allow to connect the rooms in a continuous and uninterrupted way. As in the traditional Muslim architecture, the corridors were avoided to the maximum, understanding the house as a single system, of variable conditions, where different activities are developed throughout the day.

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