Minimal land – Western Australia

House A is the first of three carbon neutral dwellings in Scarborough made from high recycled content concrete panels and whitewashed recycled brick. Designed by architects Whispering Smith, the house is 3 storey mini tower with a garage underneath and a loft on top. Minimal land, minimal house, minimal life.
“House A embodies our desire to build something relevant for our generation,” say the architects. “A lot of younger people and downsizers don’t have a lot of stuff or are having children much later, and we are using our homes for all kinds of things, from starting businesses or hosting a long table dinner for 20. We wanted to build a prototype house that did all of these things, while being affordable, sustainable and made from really beautiful, long lasting materials.”
Soft gray concrete, a polycarbonate screen, and metal roof decorate the simple facade.Using a high recycled content mix for the tilt-up concrete walls, which contain 65-percent slag [a byproduct of steel production] instead of high-carbon emitting Portland cement and recycled wood slats define the front entry alcove. The design of House A was originally intended to challenge the status quo of oversized and low-quality housing in Western Australia.
In the main living area, large doors open to the backyard, while a built-in sofa and bench clad in tile are tucked under the mezzanine level, which hosts the bedroom and en-suite bathroom. Internal spaces are intended to flow easily into each other to maximize the floor plan.

Photography Ben Hoskings

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