Loft living – Austria

Architects Smartvoll came out as winners at the internationally advertised contest for the loft in the Panzerhalle. Their design captivates with endless spatial drama. Set over 350 square meters and two storeys, the classic idea of a “loft” is noticeable, yet has been reinterpreted. A special focus lies on the exhaustion of materials and of what is technologically possible. Architecture unfolds on the inside. The room and material concept develops smoothed and waxed concrete is one of the decisive materials for shaping the interior.
Bedroom, bathroom and guest-room are distributed throughout the space, as separate bodies. The epicenter of the room is the kitchen, a seven-meter-long block. The whole composition is rounded off by a concrete sculpture, or stair sculpture, which not only opens up all rooms, but also appears to be carrying them.
Incidentally, the sculpture divides the room, creates a roof over the kitchen, recesses and elevations and therefore allows you to stay in motion – and to see everything from everywhere.
The same applies to the glass shower, which protrudes from the fully glazed bathing block at a height of five meters. James-Bond décor like this can be found all over. The absolute highlight, albeit being a bit hidden, is the wellness area. Fireplace included.
The stairs are an architecture within the architecture which celebrates space.
At the lower level, the room is connected to two balconies like additional alcoves of the overall concept. They feature a contemplative zen-garden, including a grassy knoll, a tree jasmine and a classic relax-terrace.

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