Walmer Abbotsford

A couple of weeks ago Salta Properties invited Design Addicts to tour its latest residential project in Abbotsford – Walmer. The event took place in the multi-million three-bedroom apartment Salta built to scale as their display suite, inside the Skipping Girl building on Victoria Street. Served up alongside the canapes and champagne, was Belle’s Tanya Buchanan leading a panel discussion on the coming of age of Australian design with Bates Smart Directors, Tim Leslie & Mark Healy joining the conversation alongside Kett Design Director, Justin Hutchinson. The latter three all worked closely on the project, which celebrated Australian craftsmanship and our distinctive aesthetic.
Nestled amongst the banks of the Yarra and taking shape on one of the last available development sites along the river, and it didn’t disappoint. Ranging from 62sqm-313sqm internally and fetching prices up to $6 million, these apartments are available in no less than 124 layouts, they even offer further opportunities for personalised configurations! Yep choices!
Walmer is an exercise in understated elegance at every turn designed by Bates Smart, one of Australia’s oldest and most revered architectural firms. It is an exercise in sophistication matched only by Walmer’s exterior where a unique U-Shape, tiered structure weaves itself into the river escarpment and lays roots among its fellow Australian natives.
Salta Properties aimed to draw the lush, natural environment up and through the building and so a continuous balcony is wrapped around the structure, framing views that dissolve the orthodoxy of a traditional residential form into a more natural compositional reading.
Individual balconies rival that of the average backyard and offer instead a vertical interpretation of the Australian dream with outdoor spaces that exceed 200sqm in some cases. An honest sense of materiality continues inside where ceilings of 2.8m are met with full height glazing, integrated lighting, plush carpets and refined timber detailing.


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