Pure harmony

Located on the west of Mexico, SJA III in San Juan de Alima, is carved into the rocky hillside to create a home and a remarkable pool with views of the Pacific Ocean. Designed by Casas De Mexico, the home has been designed to work with the natural landscape instead of against it. With this idyllic scenario, imposing the house upon the site as if it had fallen almost randomly resulted devoid of a true significance, choosing to blend in with the local terrain.
Sitting nestled into the rock face, the home’s roof is draped with vines and its open-plan living and dining area opens on three sides to the views beyond, allowing the breeze and the sunset light to inundate the space.
Using natural materials, dark wood and stone for both the exterior and interior of the building, CDM has managed to create a building that is in harmony with its surroundings, but which isn’t overcome by them. The main feature of ‘SJA III’ is undoubtedly the pool that sits carved into a rocky section of the hill overlooking the beach and ocean beyond.

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