enhanced past – Brighton

Located bay-side Brighton, Melbourne, the brief was to transform this brick Victorian home, situated on a main road, into a tranquil family residence capable of accommodating the lifestyle of the family for many years to come. The features of the original home were to be retained wherever possible, however the challenge was to introduce an abundance of natural light, and create a more livable environment that performed well thermally year round.
The brief was to open up the rear creating a bright, open plan living space, with ample storage and utility areas for day to day convenience. Designed by Merrylees Architects, the clients wanted the new addition to have a strong connection to the original home they fell in love with, while establishing a living zone directly linked to the garden and new pool. Early discussions about materiality lead to a combination of recycled red brick, black steel framed windows, blackened blackbutt and black metal trims. Contemporary yet sustainable materials; solid and everlasting just like the original home. The Victorian facade had been rendered and painted a dull cream, so it was decided to strip back the render and paint to reveal the bricks behind.
The original red bricks were in excellent condition and completely transformed the facade into its former glory, while establishing a distinct connection between the new red brick contemporary addition and the original home
Internally, Merrylees Architects wanted to create warmth and softness to contrast the hardy exterior material palette and establish a seamless transition between the old and new. Internal steel framed doors mark the transition threshold which is further enhanced with a floor finish change from timber to a hydronic heated, concrete slab. Soft blue and contrasting dark blue/grey tones were teamed up with light timber joinery to create an interior colour palette that emanated a sense of calm and tranquility from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and the busy main road location.

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