isolated villa

The AA house is a holiday’s house situated at the center of a small village in Barcelona, Spain, where the common houses are made of stone and bricks. Designed by Alventosa Morell Architects the project aim was to re-design the house integrated with the landscape and to create private spaces isolated from the noise outside.
The stone wall runs parallel with the road, made of local stone isolating the house from the the road and also from the Tramuntana winds. The three patios behind the outer walls allow ventilation and natural light at the same time that separate the outside from the private zones reinforcing the open-plan living space with the kitchen, dining and sitting room; and the bedrooms. All these rooms are orientated south, looking at the garden and the swimming pool opened to a terrace situated and in a superior level from the garden. In order to protect all these rooms from the heat, the bedrooms have wooden shutters and a pergola for climbing plants, wisterias.
The interior walls of the rooms are made of carbon-fiber plaster, a dry constructive system, in order to create a flexible open-plan living space adapted to the changing necessities of the clients; in the future.
The bricks are. Key focus in the first longitudinal space and the second. In the second open space, at the garden and swimming pool the bricks are turned and work as small counter-forts. This ensures the stability of the façades while having dry walls inside; in addition to achieving a stunning interior facade.
As it is a holiday house, not to be used regularly; Alventosa Morell Architects designed a house which has adapted to the clients’ needs, environmentally and energy responsible, as well as innovative, comfortable and stylish.

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