white washed

The design of the Carmen House by Carles Faus Architects is led by focusing on the style of traditional Ibizan country houses, simple clear lines, controlled light and white in colour. Located in Dénia, Spain, upon entering, the Carmen house you are greeted by a large opening overlooking the pool, towards the Dénia castle in the distance. This large opening, burs the interior-exterior relationship, which mitigates the entry of the Sun in the hottest months of the year. The access to the interior of the house has been generated through a side access, located on the north facade. This access is accompanied by a large opening, which frames us the views from the kitchen and dining area, increasing the relationship between both spaces, housing a small green line of the outside garden inside the main room.
White is the main subject which has been the premise of Carles Faus that they have followed from beginning to end. White as a generator and driver of light allowing a beautiful play of black shadows faded by its white background.
A white lime wash, in its exterior vertical facade, which could be translated as a large white canvas that has been provided with different white pigments to make up all the spaces.

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