Family Village – Tel-Aviv

Two separate buildings combined into one house which was inspired as a small family village in the middle of the beautiful area of Neve Tzedek, in the heart of Tel-Aviv. Through a separate entrance, the parents enter via a glass covered patio transiting to the kitchen, a small dining, living space and a private balcony, encased by a white rose pergola.
The adult children have a separate entrance, which leads into the garden. Each has their own suite, one facing the inner garden, and the other to a privet roof terrace. Designed by Anat Gay Architects, the center of the two buildings is the plant-filled interior courtyard that can be seen and sensed from every corner of the house. Each of the rooms has been designed as a separate unit for each of the family members, including a living room, bedroom, kitchen and private bathroom. (I guess they will never be leaving home)
From each room there is an exit to the inner courtyard or a balcony re-reinforcing the importance given to vegetation and natural light inside the house. The black front windows at the facade are made of burnt wooden beams and emphasize the contrast between the city and the nature.

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