Epic John Anthony Tea House

Hong Kong has been a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures for centuries. John Anthony a new Cantonese grill & dim sum restaurant on Hong Kong Island, pays homage to this rich history. Located on Hong Kong Island, sumptuously the restaurant reflects the city’s west-meets-east sensibility through its innovative culinary offerings as well as its immersive interior design. Drawing upon British tea halls and Chinese canteens, local architecture and interior design practice Linehouse have combined colonial architecture with eastern detailing to create a contemporary space of retro flavour and nostalgic elegance. Conceived as a paradigm of sustainability by Maximal Concepts, a hospitality brand behind many of the city’s most iconic restaurants, the venue takes its name from John Anthony, the first Chinese man to be naturalized as a British citizen in 1805, and a key figure in the expansion of global trade during the Qing Dynasty.
Stationed at London’s East End docks as a trading interpreter for the East India Company, John Anthony spent 35 years taking care of Chinese and Southeast Asian trade sailors who had journeyed from the Far East, providing them with food and shelter and protecting their rights. Known as the Father of London’s first Chinatown, John Anthony embodies the cultural diversity kindled by the trade between East and West, which the restaurant channels through its menu of charcoal grill-roasted meats and handmade dim sum spiced with bold influences from regions along the Spice Routes.

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