The Stone House

Located in Nha Trang, a sea side city of Vietnam’s south east coast, this vacation house know as The Stone House is carved into the hill overlooking the bay and mountains in the distance. Designed by MM++ architects the overall design was focused on the simplicity of the construction shapes and the use of raw and natural materials. The contrast between the brutalist influences of the main construction and the interiors is carefully crafted and considered.

The property is accessible from the back street, consisting of a wall of coarsely carved sculptural stones, in reference to the local environment. The facade on the street is completely opaque ensuring privacy and orients the villa towards the sea.  An outdoor staircase leads to the ground floor which is fully open with no need for columns except 2 supports integrated into the window frame. The sculptural spiral stair placed in central position, is the focal point of the interior design, visually strong against the ocean backdrop.

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