Highbury Grove – Revisited

Highbury Grove, located in Melbourne, is defined by a street frontage of uniform federation style cottages set in orthogonal rows and folded in amongst leafy suburban gardens. Designed by RITZ&GHOUGASSIAN, the project was required to deal with the heritage street frontage and a lane way to the northern side of the property. And deal with it they did – the project responds by creating an architectural envelope that orientates to the north whilst providing privacy to the public laneway.
Space is loosely defined by a series of perpendicular heavy-set concrete block work walls. The first, a set of walls running the length of the site sit below a second set that align themselves to the northern aspect. Resting upon one another the concrete walls overlap and enclose the architectural space within. The apertures between the walls create framed views outwards towards neighbouring trees or to a courtyard garden of swamp banksia and Australian tree ferns.

Photographer: Tom Blachford

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