old-new contrast – Revisited

Exposed fresco and original arched doorways are paired with brass accents and grey cabinetry at this apartment in Vilnius Lithuania, which has been overhauled by interior designer Kristina Lastauskait?-Pund?.

Apartment Vilnius belongs to a family with two children, who approached the local designer to give the home a contemporary update that maintained its historic features. The apartment, which is set within a 19th-century residential building, first had to undergo extensive reconstruction works. Builders were told to leave behind the series of arched openings that run throughout the space.

The rest of the apartment follows a largely muted colour scheme. Walls have been completed in a shade of pale grey with furnishings to match, and paired with smoked-oak parquet floors. To inject touches of colour, the designer has applied gold-hued sheets of brass to the home’s entrance doorway and kitchen cupboard and decorative arch on one of the lounge’s walls, echoing the shape of the openings.

The interior is built on the principle of contrast, the mix of old and modern styles and I absolutely adore the patches of original ornate ceilings that couldn’t be fully salvaged. The colour and material palette echoes this old-new contrast, there are time-tested materials such as oak, and gold elements that represent today.

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