balance of gestures – Revisited

Apparently when you step into the apartment of real estate developer Don Capoccia and his husband, Tommie Pegues on Great Jones Street in New York City’s NoHo district in Manhattan, you might not realize that their apartment stretches across two New York City buildings.

The two-year-long renovation and build was seamless, once the structural work was executed, the challenge was to make two very different spaces into one. The existing building, embodied a 100-year-old charm and the new building, by its nature, was modern. The aim was to bring the old apartment back to basics, so when the two were connected, they could maintain a sense of unity throughout; to, conjure the old and relate it to the new.

Laced with luxurious materials one of the main threads that connect the spaces of the apartment is the handsome and rare finishes used throughout—Jordanian limestone on the floors and walls of the master bath; a particularly elaborate Moroccan ceiling; limestone flooring. The architect incorporated elements that felt original to the old building’s framework, like wooden details on the existing arched windows, and a Venetian stone casing on all of the doors. It’s a balance of elaborate gestures or surprises, within a strong architectural frame.

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