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Located a few meters from the sea on the north coast of the island of Mallorca, Spain. The RiM House is located in a wooded area with pines, oaks and wild olive trees. The premise of the project was to integrate an avant-garde house adapted to the environment within the forest. A house open to the outside for the summer months with large outdoor living areas and pool; and at the same time sheltered for the winter months.
Rmarquitectura studio, together with the interior design studio Rimirim were in charge of carrying out design objectives for this project. The concept was to adapt the building to the environment, keeping the traditional architecture with a nod to the avant-garde and finished with materials from the area. Crossed facade openings are proposed to facilitate air circulation in the house with a system of vertical slats.
The first volume is a cube completely covered with marés stone that makes independent the access area of the outdoor terrace. This volume will house the area of facilities, swimming pool, and outdoor kitchen. The interior design team furnished the home with the premise of adapting to the environment; using wood for furniture and lighting and linen in textiles.

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