A work of art

It’s rare that we see a small apartment with epic design sensibilities like “the apartment” designed by DO Architects. Located in Lithuania with the sun, rising behind the long panoramic glass facade, the light slides around the unique terrazzo floor which is literally a work of art, made by using big scale marble, granite and travertine pieces, combined together with a white concrete binder. The natural stones, each of which has its own precise position to create the unique floor drawing, have different shapes, colours and edges. The floor becomes a background for every precise detail in the living room.
Roughly textured walls absorb the sun rays and create various shadows, warm yellow curtains cover the glass facade and calm down the direct sunlight, wooden wall panels, separating different zones, bring warmth to the living areas and the natural concrete staircase leads upstairs to a different kind of bedroom experience. This is a unique bedroom space created for both relaxation and keeping fit, separated only by a thin aluminum strip on the floor.
The bedroom has a magnificent view towards the city and gets an extra light from the skylight reflecting on the natural wood wall panels heating up the cold surfaces of terrazzo, marble, concrete, glass and stainless steel, making the intimate atmosphere of the room even more cozy.

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