Responding to Lorne

The Skyline House is located in a bush-fire prone area in seaside Lorne, Victoria and responds to the potential direct fire threat in that location. This approach of the home led to the creation of an insular, sheltered courtyard zone, which has the added benefit of allowing access to north winter sun in the living zones.
Designed by Lachlan Shepherd Architects, the house is located on a steep incline, the home responds to site constraints by stepping up the hillside, creating split level zones; carport/storage at the lowest level, living zones on the central level and bedroom zones at the highest level.
The stepped design allows for unobstructed view corridors from each level. The material palette on the dwelling was selected to firstly adhere to stringent bushfire compliance requirements and secondly, to ensure that little to no long-term maintenance would be required.

Images Ben Hosking

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