Peninsula House

Peninsula House, is a weekend home in a coastal city close to São Paulo, delicately positioned on a steep slope overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the house is composed of three stacked abstract volumes hunkered down into the rocks edge.
Designed by Bernardes Arquitetura, the house is divided in three parts: the rectangular base and the triangular volume, which has more private areas; and the transparent space in-between them where the common areas are located. The suspended triangular volume creates shaded balconies protected from direct sunlight, while the more enclosed and monolithic base provides more intimate spaces. The tension between the two creates negative transparent spaces that visually connect with the landscape.
The interior design was thought to be as pure and simple as the forms of architecture. It was selected furniture by iconic Brazilian designers, mostly produced in wood. Few materials were used to create a quiet and cozy atmosphere, among them, Brazilian freijó wood, which is one of the most prominent materials used in ceiling, panels and joinery.

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