Expressing a contemporary viewpoint

Enrica Cavarzan & Marco Zavagno design practice, Zaven merges the conceptual daring of contemporary art with the rule-based creativity of graphics, enabling the firm to interface both with the world of industry and with the museum and gallery scene.
Responsive to all the latest trends but well aware of the history of design and architecture, Zaven provides a contemporary viewpoint particularly dense in meaning, embracing both two-and three-dimensionality which is evident in their recent collaboration with CEDIT .
The alternation and symbiosis between concave and convex, recessed and raised is at the core of the range.

Enrica Cavarzan & Marco Zavagno

The Rilievi collection by Zaven is the outcome of an elaborate design process starting from meticulous, highly successful work to combine two basic elements: a large ceramic slab and a three-dimensional “relief tile” placed on top of it. These two “ingredients” can be combined in different ways depending on their numerical multiplication, the layout of the slabs, the shapes built up by placing the relief tiles one after the other, and the combinations and juxtapositions amongst each item in the collection.

Rilievi is a work of design balanced between different historic periods: while the volumetric relief tile modules are inspired by artistic experiments conducted in Italy during the Sixties and Seventies, the large slabs are the outcome of research into materials and technology that has only come to fruition in very recent times.The shadow effects generated on the surfaces of the slabs by the light striking the projecting parts of the modules create an unusual impression of architectural depth found virtually nowhere else in ceramic coverings, laying the bases for a new decoration interior design language. Available in 6 colours , 4 sizes and 3 decor styles.


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