Superficial @ NGV Melbourne Design Week

Part of NGV Melbourne Design Week is Superficial. When everyday and familiar objects are presented differently, it make us look beyond their functional value. The exhibition Superficial highlights how our perception of objects sometimes is only skin deep and how easily we can be tricked and our expectations can be challenged. Through new works by Melbourne-based designers Yan Huang, Manuel Canestrini and Colin Whitehead, it showcases the relationship between our psychic expectations with the physical reality by experimenting with functionality, material and surface of objects in order to shape a better future.

PINE wedding dress by Colin Whitehead – Living with design we wear our interiors like a garment in an up and close personal relationship which influences our moods. The majority of objects in our lives are created and characterised by industrial manufacturing.
But we also live in a marriage with our homes and its surroundings forming a strong bond over time. Good non mass produced design lasts a lifetime and items we love are passed down to the next generation. Just like a wedding dress is traditionally passed down from mother to daughter. This non disposable usage of good design makes it inherently eco friendly and sustainable for the planet we live on and its resources.

COLONNADE stackable planter box by Manuel Canestrini – is a metal stackable indoor planter box that is inspired by ancient roman aqueducts. It is available in two modules, with narrow and wide arches which allow a variety of combinations and heights.
Colonnade brings urbanity and nature into your home at the same time by marrying a classical architecturally shaped planter box with the beauty of pot plants.
Create your own overgrowing tower or room divider by stacking and connecting the planters in any combination you like or use the planter as a stand alone.

Le Sheep by Manuel Canestrini – is a metal stackable stool with attached side table inspired by the characteristic shape of a sheep. It comes either with a wool felt seat and backrest sleeve or as Le Sheep Sheared without its woolen coat. Le Sheep brings animalism with a touch of playfulness into your home marrying nature with industrial design.
You can sit on it in various ways: Astraddle using the attached table top to sit your tablet on the magnetic head and work or play.. Sideward while resting your arm on the head or put your coffee mug beside you or… Backward to use the sheep’s neck as a backrest.

DAYDREAM floor light by Yan Huang – is a curious object for modern living.
Through experimentation with it’s from, I’ve created an unconventional and fun object – a sculpture, a light, a phone holder and mostly a conversation piece.


KINGFISHER bench by Yan Huang – Kingfisher birds live all over Australia, but predominantly in coastal regions. There are 10 native species, including the largest of them all – the kookaburra. Kingfishers nest in tree hollows, riverbank burrows and termite nests. Cloaked in stunning green, blue, turquoise and orange plumage, some kingfishers were once in danger of being hunted to extinction for their feathers.
The bench is inspired by the wings of kingfishers and their stunning blue feathers. It’s a reminder of the wonderful world we live in, the precious creatures we share the planet with, and how much more fragile their lives have become due to human activities.

WHALE bench by Yan Huang – On the endangered species list, whales are at the top of the food chain and have an important role in the overall health of the marine environment. Unfortunately their large size and mythical aura does not protect them; six out of the 13 great whale species are classified as endangered, even after decades of protection.
The two lobes of the whale’s tail are called flukes. They move up and down to propel the whale through the water. Inspired by the shape of the whale’s tail, this piece is a celebration of this magnificent creature.

K-Five showroom 275 Smith St Fitzroy free entry.

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