The Cuckoo House

The Cuckoo House is a house for a family of 4 combined with a coffee shop located in Da Nang, Vietnam. Built from local clay bricks the house is reminiscent of the shape of a Cuckoo Clock. Designed by Tropical Space the house contains 4 blocks which are all interconnected, each block is place on another rectangular block with the base block serving as the coffee shop with garden and outdoor space.
The 3 blocks above are separated functional spaces of the house containing the bedrooms, living spaces and kitchen, which are integrated with the uncovered semi open areas.
Tropical Space purposefully detached walls which are usually used to defined rooms to urge people leave their rooms and join together in the open family spaces. These spaces can be used flexibly, connecting the indoor and the outdoor spaces of the house which makes the family activities both private or open whilst allowing for cross ventilation in the tropical months.

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