accommodating the Z generation

The Student Hotel Firenze Lavagnini is a hybrid hospitality concept like no other, catering to students who can stay here for a maximum of two years, as well as tourists, professionals on the go, globetrotters, and neo-wanderers who are invited to stay from two nights to twelve months. Identifying itself as a creative hub, TSH also offers shared working spaces and extended social meeting points. Created by Charlie McGregor in collaboration with Bologna-based practice Rizoma Architetture is set right in the heart of Florence’s historic center. “With the barriers between work and play progressively breaking down, a logical next step for our already hybrid accommodation model is properties that combine living with leisure and work facilities”, says MacGregor, whose aim is to form a Complete Connected Community for millennials, where communal existence, casual comfort, and forward looking design caters to this new generation of international citizens who have been raised on globalization, and for whom sharing is a societal state of mind.
By preserving and illuminating the building’s architectural heritage details like its original marble floors, dramatic staircases and frescoes, all the while infusing it with shots of contemporary design inspired by the Memphis movement and Architecture Radicale.
The Z generation can easily feel right at home here, especially since hashtag-like mottos are everywhere, from the “Truly, Madly, Deeply” declaration at the front desk, the “Right here waiting for you” slogan over the beds, to “The beach is boring” on the rooftop swimming pool.

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