New Life 1949 Malibu home

Major addition and remodel to a 1949 Malibu home, the original structure was the first home/building constructed in the Malibu Knolls region. The house sits atop a bluff with views of the Malibu Pier, Surf Rider Beach, Malibu Lagoon to the south and the Santa Monica Mountains to the north.
Re designed by Studio Bracket It was important to the owners to maintain the lines of the original house, while also increasing the square footage and taking full advantage of the landscape and panoramic ocean and mountain views.
From the onset, the project needed to be classified as a “remodel” as Studio Bracket didn’t want to lose the old growth trees that had grown around the original structure. (They would have to be removed if the project was deemed “new construction”) To that end, over 50% of the original exterior walls were required to remain and were incorporated into the current design. The new addition was built around the original structure. Many of the original exterior walls became interior walls and portions of the original slab/ foundation remained mostly intact. The completed home pays homage to its past whist concealing the original build within.

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