Theatre House

An old village theatre built in the late nineteenth century and converted over time – ?rst into a barn and then in a toilet paper warehouse and now transformed into a live/work space. “The Theatre” house is located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain . Access to the house is through a space reserved for a classic car that is understood as a sculpture.
Designed by Cadaval & Solà-Morales , the great central space is the heart of the house which is a high and open space. Designed for a loft-like use: Living room, dining room, kitchen and study share a continuous space that despite its scale becomes cozy thanks to the accumulation of objects and the textures that define each space.
The project pays respect to the original condition of the existing warehouse. Its structure has not been modi?ed, only reinforced. Its walls re still intact and restored. The few new architectural elements that have been added do so without signi?cantly a?ecting the original building. The idea was to built without a?ecting the existing. Understanding that over time the theatre will surely have another use and another life.

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