Muse(um) House – no ordinary home

Anderman Architects described the Muse(um) House as a once in a lifetime opportunity. From the very first meeting with the clients, they new it was going to be no ordinary ride, shifting the focus from the architecture to the huge owner’s collection and back.
In this project, Anderman Architects were not only architects but also curators, keeping in mind the best way to display the extraordinary collection. Meshing museum and home by planning these two diverse functions, was a slow process in which the clients were extremely involved.
There approach was to plan the framework and collaborate with the owners to inject the content. The overall aesthetics are rich in basic and rough materials. Our “frame” of the build is primal and basic, based on materials such as raw concrete, OSB panels, unfinished steel, and rusted tin, allowing the collection to shine. Not stealing any focus. Working together as one.

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