A Private Residence

The project named Private Residence is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China with rivers to the north, trees to the East and West, grasslands and roads to the South, and further surrounded by high-rise buildings . Designed by Linjian Design Studio they hoped to create a feeling of peace and quiet. “We hope that the result of the construction will be like a page of paper on grass, clean, light and quiet.”
Functionally speaking, this is a private club where the host works, relaxes and occasionally entertains friends.Therefore, from the perspective of privacy, Linjian Design Studio divided the interior into a progressive spatial dynamic line from public to private. First of all, the most public area is the entry-corridor and tea room, the tea room is like a living room, with clear vision and sufficient light.
Within the Tea room one is connected to the front yard and river. Looking up, you can see the sky. The  entry-corridor connects all the rooms whilst allowing natural light to flow throughout the home. The most private space is the study and bedroom which connects with an exclusive courtyard featuring garden, fishpond and and a BBQ tucked away from public view.


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