Extruded House Sydney

The brief for Extruded House was full of common needs such as more living space, an extra bedroom, a nicer master suite, better connection to the exterior zone, somewhere to work from, etc. The magic happened when the clients embraced their own journey and accepted that in simplicity, they would find their most exceptional outcome.
The brief made mention of two other important design clues: 1)respecting the context and the neighbours with whom they had lived beside and shared the good times over the years and 2) retaining the worthwhile fabric of the existing dwelling. Simple ideas, but generous in their ultimate influence of the design approach and therefore the form of the finished home.
Designed by MCK Architecture & Interiors , they set out to extrude the section of the existing home but deleting everything between, to create an open Living zone .
The form of the extruded shape was constructed in off-form concrete, challenging the yardstick of fabrics belonging to the federation home, yet offering a calm contrast to its historical embellishments. A strong dialogue was created between the two forms by virtue of their sharing of shape, but their materiality serves to remind us of their respective moment in time. With this in mind, sight lines exist between the forms of the old and the new, and apart from connecting the interiors to the luscious landscape of the rear yard, they remind the owners of where they are now and where they’ve come from.

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