Embellishment of craftsmanship – Melbourne

Wolveridge Architects were engaged twice to design this Ascot Vale home, firstly as a conventional two-story ‘box’ type structure. However, once handed over to the client, a heritage overlay was introduced which forced the clients to undertake a stressful re-design which was then decided by a local tribunal. With the assistance of a heritage consultant and under instructions to provide minimal change to the floor plan, Wolveridge Architects re-imagined the design in the context of the newly introduced heritage precinct.
Inspired by the asymmetrical nature of gable roofs, the incorporation of texture at the interface of the Art Deco period and the general embellishment of craftsmanship as a principle of the time. These were the key aspects which informed their response.
The profile of the gable runs the entire length of the building and its form is apparent throughout the interior. The further use of textured materials common to the era – slate, timber, bluestone and fine mesh detailing contribute to the response.
The builder and and owner Joel is an absolute craftsman who laid all the tiles, stone cladding, slate roofing, he manufactured and installed all of the steel plate and grill work personally, thousands of hours have gone into the home, so it’s not a commercial venture by any standards, but a home for a couple of perfectionists.

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